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Discover the Sound of Toronto at 3CubeMusic! Located in the heart of Toronto, 3CubeMusic is your destination for all things music. Our studio is dedicated to nurturing the musical talents of Toronto's vibrant community.

Join our thriving musical community and connect with fellow artists in Toronto.  Unleash your creativity, gain confidence, and explore the rich musical heritage of Toronto at 3CubeMusic.

The Studio

Have you ever heard of Toronto's Cube House? It's a unique architectural marvel that has become both an icon and a subject of debate in the city. Designed by architect Piet Blom, these cube houses are a set of innovative homes built in Helmond and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. However, one cube house in particular has gained attention in Toronto.

Located in the heart of the city, Toronto's Cube House has captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike with its elevated box-shaped design standing out among the surrounding buildings.


The cube house has a fascinating history, initially built in 1780 and now serving as the centerpiece of a suburban community.

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