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The Cube House

​The Cube Houses in Toronto were built in 1996 by architects Ben Kutner and Jeff Brown, drawing inspiration from Dutch architect Piet Blom's designs from the 1970s. The concept was "living as an urban roof," with high-density housing and ample ground space. The design has each house as a tilted cube, providing unique interior layouts and maximum light exposure.



The Cube Houses in Rotterdam, designed by Piet Blom and built in 1977, are an iconic representation of innovative Dutch architecture. Conceptualized as "trees in a forest," the complex consists of 39 apartments, each a tilted cube offering unique living spaces. Comparatively, Toronto's Cube Houses, built in 1996 by Ben Kutner and Jeff Brown, were inspired by Blom's design. While both share the foundational concept of high-density housing with efficient use of space, Toronto's adaptation was also aimed at combating rising housing prices.

Recent Music History

In recent years, Toronto's Cube Houses have transformed into spaces for music. Musicians seeking peace and privacy have found a haven in these unique structures for practice and recording sessions. 

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